Welcome, this website presents an overview of many of my different activities over the years, follow the links below to find picture galleries of my projects.

Canvas Art

Recycled Metal Sculptures

Working on the Prince of Homburg

Large Scale Murals

Sculpture Commission Models

360 Sculpture

… and a few other links….

  • 2D Art: prints and models for large scale murals.
  • 3D  digital Art: sculpture models and proposals.
  • Sculptures.
  • Art exhibits.
  • An Art exhibit space in Durham: the Carrack Modern Art (co-founded with Laura Ritchie).
  • A vision for sculpture in Durham: the Durham Sculpture Project. (coming soon)
  • Durham Central Park sculpture proposal. (coming soon)
  • links to press articles. (coming soon)
  • the early years: Frank Stella’s Prince of Homburg.
  • more project engineering on Frank Stella sculptures with RVW Sculpture Arrangement. (coming soon)
  • Projects working as a project manager for Carolina Bronze Sculpture. (coming soon)

And this link will take you to my blog (soon).