Jan 242013

Here are some examples of framed prints.

Jan 232013
Jan 232013


Jan 232013
Jan 232013


Jan 222013

These are some sculptures made from found metal in scrap yard.

Jan 202013

I spent three years from 1999 to 2001 working on this project in Rock Tavern New York, here are some recollections of the construction of this incredible Stella masterpiece.

Jan 192013

Here are some proposals and a couple of realizations. Look below this gallery for more picture of the Miami 2011 colab with Carlos Rodriguez (Mare 139) and for pictures of another colab with Mare during his show at the Carrack Modern Art / Durham Art Walk in 2011.

Wendelbo / Mare139 colab @ the Carrack Modern Art and at Miami Art Basel / Wynnwood district / Kohn Complex 2011