I wear three hats when it comes to sculpture:

  • Metal sculpture using recycled or found metal. I enjoy these a lot! Picture here!
  • Digital sculpting: these sculptures are studies for full scale commissions, or are sometimes proposals for public art projects in response to RFPs. Some old (2007) Frank Stella digitizing work in there too… Pictures here!
  • Managing / facilitating / project engineering the realization of sculptures for various artists or institutions. This used to happen through Francis Design when I was younger, then RVW Sculpture in New York in the early 2000 up to 2008 when I was doing a lot of Frank Stella projects, and since 2009 it’s happening through Carolina Bronze Sculpture in Seagrove NC.
  • Here are some pictures of the Frank Stella ‘Prince of Homburg’ monumental sculpture I worked on from 1999 to 2001.
  • Here are other Stella projects I worked on, as a project engineer mostly. (coming soon)
  • Here are some cool projects I have worked on through Carolina Bronze, as a project manager or project engineer. (coming soon)