The Carrack Modern Art


The Carrack Modern Art has been maybe the most interesting of all of my projects so far in that it has reached and touched so many people in so many different ways, all positive that I can think of. What is also interesting is the way it came about: the Carrack was built on the strength of ideas and on the strength of a vision that I articulated back in 2010 (initially in the Durham Sculpture Project’s first whitepaper). The realization unfolded into a successful exhibit space through hard work (Laura Ritchie in particular, who came on board early on to co-found the space), but I find it very comforting that ideas can still seed projects. In this day and age it is still possible to articulate a vision, and then find a way to implement it.

And the space has had some good press:

  • the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) singled us out nationwide to invite us to participate in their first webcast (ever!) on the topic of Art Microhubs and their importance (view video below).
  • Co-founder and director Laura Ritchie was invited for an hour long segment about her life and the life of the Carrack on NPR with Frank Stasio. Listen here.
  • Local newspapers the Independent Weekly and the Herald Sun have written feature articles on the Carrack.

Some press:



One of my favorite videos from the Carrack was taken during the first community show we had, this one was organized by Adrian Schlessinger.

And the SFMOMA webcast can be seen below:

And finally a good one of my friend Don Martiny during his installation at the Carrack, great work Don.